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Shareholder Services


The CSL share registry is managed and maintained by Computershare.

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street
Abbotsford Victoria 3067

Postal Address
GPO Box 2975
Melbourne Victoria 3001

Enquiries within Australia: 1800 646 882
Enquiries outside Australia: +61 3 9415 4178
Investor enquiries facsimile: +61 3 9473 2500

American Depository Receipts

The Bank of New York Mellon sponsors CSL’s Level 1 American Depositary Receipts Program (ADR) in the United States of America.

CSL’s ADRs are traded on the over-the-counter (OTC) securities market in the US under the symbol CSLLY and CUSIP: 12637N204. Two ADRs represents one ordinary share in CSL.
US OTC market information is available at
CSL’s ADR information with BNY Mellon can also be viewed at

ADR holders seeking information on their shareholding should contact:
BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
P.O. Box 358516
Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8516

International callers telephone: +1-201-680-6825
Toll free telephone number for callers within USA: 1-999-BNY-ADRS (1-888-269-2377)

Global Employee Share Plan

For CSL employees in Germany and the United Kingdom who are eligible to participate, please refer to the CSL EU Prospectus for the Global Employee Share Plan in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom.

Read the CSL EU Prospectus

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Board and Management

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Corporate Governance

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