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Shareholder Inquiries

Shareholders with the following matters should contact the share registry directly.

Consolidate Shareholdings

Separate shareholdings may be consolidated by advice to the Share Registry in writing.

Change of Address Details

Change of address should be notified to the Share Registry in writing without delay. Shareholders who are broker sponsored on the CHESS sub-register must notify their sponsoring broker of a change of address.

Change of Dividend Payment Details

Direct payment of dividends into a nominated account may be arranged with the Share Registry. Shareholders are encouraged to use this option by writing to the Share Registry with particulars or by phoning 1-800-646-882.

Non-Australian Residents Trading in CSL Shares

Non-Australian residents wishing to invest in CSL shares should contact a brokerage firm which offers cross border transaction services with Australia. The Australian Securities Exchange website offers assistance in finding a suitable broker. Investors should note that CSL Limited is only listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.


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