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Annual Reports

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Key Business Performance and Highlights

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  • Remained focused on delivering on our promise to patients and public health during an unprecedented time of uncertainty.
  • US$20.2 million supporting product access across the world.*
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  • Research and development (R&D) investment of US$1 billion.*
  • Acquired the exclusive global licence rights to a late stage gene therapy candidate for the treatment of haemophilia B.
  • CSL112 (currently in Phase III for cardiovascular disease) continues to progress with over 13,000 patients enrolled.
  • Commenced a Phase II study for an adjuvanted QIV cell-based influenza vaccine.
  • Accelerated research into self-amplifying mRNA technology to develop the potential next generation of influenza vaccines.
  • Achieved 28 product registrations or new indications across the globe.
  • US$55.2 million in global community investment across our strategic areas of support.
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Efficiency and reliable supply
  • Ongoing investment in major capital projects at all manufacturing sites to support future growth.
  • In 2020/21, 25 new plasma collection centres opened.
  • Record number of influenza vaccine doses distributed by Seqirus.
  • Delivering on our agreements to supply 50 million doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Participated in 365 successful regulatory inspections of our manufacturing facilities.*
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Sustainable growth
  • A strong year of growth with revenue up 10% and reported net profit after tax of $2,375 million, up 10% at constant currency.
  • Strong performance by HIZENTRA®, our market leading subcutaneous immunoglobulin product with sales up 15%.
  • Seqirus revenue up 30% at constant currency driven by strong growth in seasonal influenza vaccines.
  • US$9.9 billion distributed in supplier payments, employee wages and benefits, shareholder returns, government taxes and community contributions.*
  • Release of CSL Group Sustainability Strategy.
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Digital transformation
  • Appointment of Chief Digital and Information Officer.
  • New initiatives and technology implemented at plasma collection centres.
  • New enterprise-wide digital platform rollout.
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People and culture
  • Achieved 73.7% employee engagement* score, on par with the previous year.
  • 43% female representation at Board level, 57% female across the Group.
  • Launched a new Promising Futures Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to US employees and their dependants.

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