CSL Annual Report 2022

CSL Limited Annual Report 2021/22 42 8 Environment Our commitment to a healthier worldmeans delivering for both people and our planet. For a century we have strived to provide our life-savingmedicines in an efficient, inclusive and environmentally respectful way. We take this responsibility seriously, and our promise is to continue to further build environmental considerations into our business so we can deliver a sustainable world for the next century and beyond. In addition to material topics featured, our strategic sustainability focus areas include the following: • Integrate sustainability considerations into business decisions. • Reduce carbon emissions. • Minimise end to end production of waste through removal, reduction and recycling. • Across our supply chain reduce waste and emissions. Promoting environmental protection At CSL, we recognise that responsible management and efficient use of natural resources is key to our sustainable growth and our ability to enable efficient and reliable supply of our life-saving medicines. CSL has an Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS2) function, which ensures its facilities operate to industry and regulatory standards. This strategy includes compliance with government regulations and commitments to minimise the impact of operations on the environment. Our EHS2 Management System provides the platform for policies, procedures and guidelines, which manage our business processes. We are committing resources and time into new technology to capture, calculate and report global environmental data, a significant stepping stone to delivering on our roadmap for achieving our emissions reduction targets. In 2021/22, across our network of manufacturing facilities and CSL Plasma centres there were no breaches of environmental laws that resulted in a financial penalty or public notice. Protecting a natural reserve CSL Behring’s manufacturing facility at Broadmeadows, Australia, is located within close vicinity to Jack Roper Reserve. The reserve, while primarily serving as a flood mitigation retention basin, is also a picturesque lake and popular park for local families. With the significant expansion of our facility at this site, works were undertaken to ensure appropriate management of stormwater runoff. In order to buffer stormwater from our site a wetlands was installed on location, along with a series of weirs and outfeed pipes that will bring the site within specification for release, even during a one-in-100 year rain event. The wetlands are also designed with an automated valve that can be closed in case of the unlikely event of chemical spill. The wetlands were approved by the local water authority and passed all reviews and inspections.