CSL Annual Report 2022

CSL Limited Annual Report 2021/22 38 7 Our People Our multigenerational workforce includes employees ranging in ages from baby boomer to generation Z. All Employees* Senior Executives People Managers Gen Y (1980-2000) 56% Gen X (1962-1979) 33% Baby Boomers (1946-1961) 6% Gen Z (2001+) 5% Data includes all employees globally where birthday is recorded (99.8% of population). Gen X (1962-1979) 78% Gen Y (1980-2000) 10% Baby Boomers (1946-1961) 12% Gen X (1962-1979) 51% Gen Y (1980-2000) 43% Baby Boomers (1946-1961) 6% People Managers of population). 61) 12% Gen X (1962-1979) 51% Gen Y (1980-2000) 43% Baby Boomers (1946-1961) 6% Data includes all employees globally where birthday is recorded (99.8% of population). * Limited assurance by Ernst & Young. CSL is assessing the global legal landscape to be able to capture demographic information related to multiple diversity classifications. This information will be used to measure and further focus our efforts as we strive to ensure we have the broadest array of diversity within our employee population. Currently, our ethnically diverse talent represents 53% of our workforce in the US. Ethnicity of our US employee population follows. White 45% African American/Black 30% Hispanic 16% Asian 4% Two or More Races 4% Other 1% [■ Insert introductory paragraph, consistent with the sections above.] CSL’s Disability Profile (Germany an US) Providing promising futures for employees At CSL, we want all employees to pursue their career aspirations and reach their potential. We launched our Promising FUTURES channel to reflect our commitment to helping employees develop and thrive. From stories about colleagues’ career journeys to career development tips to guidance on how to use our HR programs and benefits, colleagues around the world are encouraged to learn, grow and be inspired. We believe in the power of education to create opportunities and change peoples’ lives. CSL launched its Promising Futures Scholarship program in the US two years ago to provide financial assistance to employees and their dependents for technical school, vocational school, two- and four-year colleges or advanced education. The programwas sp cifically designed to support individuals from traditionally underprivil ged, under-represented communities – those who have had to overcome substantial obstacles to pursue their studies or first-generation college students. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to the U.S. program, we expanded and introduced the program to include Australia this year. ‘ I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the help and guidance you provided to Christian and I in submitting his application for the ‘Promising Future’ scholarship. We are both elated by this opportunity CSL has provided to us and feel really fortunate to have been given this support. I can’t thank you enough…’ Robert LaFerla, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology Principal, Australia ‘ I am elated by this scholarship being awarded to me and feel really fortunate to have been given this support in the pursuit of my studies. I am incredibly grateful for receiving this award as it guides me towards completing my tertiary education in biological sciences. This means far more to me than I can explain as my future goal is to work and be a part of CSL Behring. I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have provided me.’ Christian LaFerla, Scholarship Recipient